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BIG BLUE Battle Mat - 1 inch hex

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Megamat - 34.5 x 48 vinyl battlemat in sea blue. white 1 hex with centre dots, markings on one side only. Blank on reverse.
Battle Mats are large roll-up mats printed with hex or square grids on one or both sides. They are made of a poly-something-or-other that you can draw on with water based markers or similar pens. They are ideal for large scale encounters in your RPGs and enable you to work out distances for spells, combat or similar requirements. Highly reccommended! We stock a small range of tabletop battlemats from Chessex Games. These are designed to be written on and wiped clean so you can create any room in a dungeon far quicker than using floorplans. They are a mottled beige colour and come printed in squares, hexes or both, either single or double sided.