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Game Mastery Map Pack - Dungeon Sites

Game Mastery Map Pack - Dungeon Sites

Barcode: 9781601253200
MPN: PAI4030



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You can’t keep adventurers out of the dungeon. Whether the ruins of forgotten empires or the fortresses of villainous kings, heroes risk it all to claim fame and fortune amid forsaken labyrinths. But no Game Master wants to spend time drawing every darkened hallway and suspicious corridor. Fortunately, with Paizo Publishing’s latest GameMastery Map Pack, you don’t have to! Inside, you’ll find 18 captivating 5" × 8" specially coated map tiles, allowing you to use wet erase and dry erase markers, then remove ink with ease!

This set includes:
Hidden Library
Ruined Hall
Throne Room
Trapped Chamber
Treasure Room

Game Masters shouldn’t waste their time sketching maps every time an adventure calls for a deadly ruin. With GameMastery Map Pack: Dungeon Sites, you’ll be ready next time your players go dungeon crawling!